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We bring you and your customers together

We help you build a trusted online relationship with your customers

What is Impratech?

Impratech is a modern software and business solution provider to chemical producers and distributors. We offer a license option which helps suppliers sell chemicals direct to their customers through their own branded, bespoke and secure online platform.

Customer Centric

Impratech offers a customer centric design that allows your customer to easily take control of their data.

Quick deployment

Your Impratech ecommerce solution is deployed in the cloud or on-premise within a very short period.


We know that your business is unique. Impratech can be extended to align with your business processes.

Our Team

Dr. Bharat Bhardwaj

Bharat has worked in the chemical industry for over 20 years. He has brought his knowledge of the industry into development of Impratech.

Roberto Castillo-Olivares

Project management

Henry Armitage

Digital marketing

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“The chemical world is becoming increasingly ready for the digital change. The future is now. Let's build a trusted online relationship wit our customers.”
Dr Bharat Bhardwaj

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