We’re all going through some tough times right now, and the devastating effects of COVID-19 continue to take their toll on our lives.

Ask yourself this though… faced with all the travel restrictions, social distancing and remote working, would we have been able to function as well as we have without all the technology, software and infrastructure to support us?

When was the last time you went online to buy groceries or to order something from Amazon? Have you been streaming during lockdown to binge watch the latest boxsets, or had to sit through back-to-back video calls with colleagues and customers?

Given how technology is constantly changing, can you imagine how much more difficult this situation could have been if coronavirus had taken hold even 10 years ago?

The fact is, we’re now so reliant on the internet and our smart phones, tablets and computers that it’s difficult to envisage a world without them. Just a decade ago, we could have only dreamt of today’s broadband speeds; the computers and networks would surely have buckled under the strain.

If nothing else, this past year has proven that technology makes the impossible possible. And fortunately, these digital advances are continuing to gather pace.

COVID-19 has been a seismic event for the chemical industry and has forced businesses like yours and mine to change the way we operate.

Deloitte’s recently published 2021 chemical industry outlook points to five major trends in the chemical market in the year ahead – one of which is e-commerce.

“Companies are adjusting how to work remotely, how they sell products, and how they interact with customers,” notes the report. “Chemical industry customers are expecting a simplified ordering process, especially in a contactless environment. Buyers expect better digital experiences and e-commerce solutions… that limit in-person interaction.”

We wholeheartedly agree.

Using available technology to better understand customers’ behaviour and expectations is vital to future success. We need to make their purchasing decisions easier. We need to make online transactions smoother, and to provide the opportunities to monitor order progress, track shipments and access documentation – all in real time.

The world is now really starting to see the benefits of digital. Let’s seize this opportunity, broaden our focus beyond the now, and look to the future.

Join us on our #digitaljourney and help us transform the chemical industry for the better.

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