After several months of disruption thanks to the COVID outbreak, many businesses are facing the reality that the way they operate will have changed forever.

As offices start to fill and teams reunite after such a long period apart, it is going to take some adjusting before it is “business as usual”.

Yet while so many firms were unprepared for the sudden social distancing measures and the need to have staff working remotely, the transition to working from home appeared somewhat seamless. The reason? Our ability to go digital!

If nothing else, this virus has made us realise how useful and effective software, tools and technology can be. Teams talked, meetings took place, files were shared, and products were sold.

As people return to the workplace, few will go back to their old ways of working. Digital is powerful – and now more of us realise it.

The start of 2020 has been memorable for all the wrong reasons and our best wishes go out to all our contacts and customers during these tough times.

Teams may have been separated these past few months but there has never been a greater sense of unity and collaboration in our industry.

The current crisis has shown how agile and adaptable we can be. I believe it’s also proof that digitalisation is not only here to stay but that we’re ready to grab the opportunities it offers.

A decade ago, when the internet was slower and digital tools were a shadow of what they are today, would our businesses have coped as well? Digital is the future!

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