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Chemical Industry – Online trade is important but this is still a relationship business

According to statistics from Forrester Research, some 68% of B2B buyers now prefer to conduct research online rather than speak with an actual salesperson – and 44% of businesses say that ecommerce sites influence at least half of their offline … Read More


Digitalisation is changing business

Impact of digitalisation on sales and marketing There is no doubt the business environment is changing rapidly. Many leading consultancies have noted the enormous impact of digitalisation on sales and marketing. The B2B world is now starting to follow B2C. … Read More

Video: Tesla breaking tradition through digitalisation

Traditionally the way we buy and sell chemicals is either through salesman or by email or on the phone. The internet is the way forward and this is manifested by a graph published (by which shows that Tesala has … Read More

Video: McDonald’s sales increased by 5% through provision of digital purchases.

I’d like to share an experience that I had when I went to McDonalds the other day. It seems like when I wanted to order my meal it was much more convenient to go to one of these self-service kiosks … Read More

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The chemical industry wants a premium digital experience too

The coverage of the CES 2020 electronics trade show in Las Vegas last month highlights just how big a role digital technology will play in our future ( The world’s biggest expo celebrating innovation and technology showcased thousands of new … Read More

Webinar: Achieving success in a Digital World – Unlock the potential of ecommerce.

Impratech – Technical Overview

Impratech provides a JavaEE RESTful webservice that is built using RESTEasy (a  JAX-RS implementation) and Hibernate ORM. The application connects to MySQL database using a JDBC connector and all queries are specified using JPQL. Impratech is shipped with a frontend … Read More

Take part in our digitalisation survey

At Impratech, we’re on a mission to create the most unique, innovative and customisable ecommerce platform available to the chemical industry – and you can help us do it by taking part in our short online survey.   Every industry … Read More

Impratech seminar

Impratech Seminar on 16th April 2019

Thanks again to all those who were able to join us at the digitalisation workshop on 16 April! The event, hosted by GoBuyChem, the web based distribution platform, explored the various digital business models now available to the chemical industry … Read More

The chemical industry is ready for e-commerce. Are you?

Earlier this year, Amazon cemented its status as the world’s most valuable public company for the first time. It’s probably safe to say we’ve all shopped on its website before. In fact, it now seems to be most people’s go-to … Read More