Buyers need a modern sales solution – So give them what they want.

No one likes stepping into the unknown, particularly if you work in the chemical sector. After all, we’re an industry that likes as much certainty as possible.

We have to work to strict parameters and ensure we produce, manage and deliver product efficiently and effectively – on time, every time.

But even for the most cautious among you, there’s one leap of faith very much worth taking right now…

Given the current climate, taking your business digital by opening your own personalised e-commerce shopfront should be a no brainer.

In these times of uncertainty, we’ve all had to embrace change. And that means your customers have never been more ready, or willing, to place orders online.

This concept isn’t quite so alien to them anymore… they’ve been using the internet for groceries and household essentials this past year, so why shouldn’t they do the same at work too?

COVID-19 means we’re no longer able to conduct business as normal. This is the perfect chance to make digital your “new normal”!

The coronavirus pandemic is preventing us from meeting customers and prospects, and lockdowns and travel restrictions have forced us into working remotely.

Getting product in front of clients and making sales is tougher than ever, so why not make the entire process a little easier?

Countless studies point to soaring e-commerce usage and there’s little doubt this trend is here to stay.

Rather than old fashioned phone calls to track down product, negotiate the best prices, and place orders, a few clicks of the mouse mean you can do all that in seconds. Even better, you have access to the latest prices, technical information, order history, and shipment details… 24/7.

Impratech has developed a unique and easy-to-use online solution that can save buyers of commodity chemicals both time and money.

All you need to do to unlock the power of digital is give us a call and talk to a member of our team. Our base platform is free – with no obligation and no hidden charges.

Within a matter of weeks, you can be selling your own products through your own online customised shopfront.

So, sign up, add stock, set your prices, and spread the word. You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. And most importantly, your customers will certainly thank you for it.

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