Digitalisation is changing business


Impact of digitalisation on sales and marketing

There is no doubt the business environment is changing rapidly. Many leading consultancies have noted the enormous impact of digitalisation on sales and marketing.

The B2B world is now starting to follow B2C. We are all used to using the internet to buy online in our personal lives but we now need to make it just as simple to do the same in the chemical industry too. Indeed, companies cannot expect to keep delivering above-market returns by continuing on the same path of doing business.

Multichannel businesses actually consistently outperform their single channel peers. They can unlock substantial new value by reducing the cost to serve.

In fact, the effect of digital transformation on profit and loss for a typical chemical company with 10% EBIT could account for an extra 3-6%. This is not an insignificant figure. Ultimately, digital transformation is a business priority, not an IT project.

Statistics also show that up to 70% of your customers’ time is spent on product search and quoting activities. Many companies are at the digital crossroads and unsure which way to turn but we can help you take the right path.

Stay ahead of competition

Your competitors are no doubt already looking at the possibilities posed by ecommerce and digital, and your customers are starting to expect this new functionality too, says CEO and founder, Bharat Bhardwaj. “The whole purpose of Impratech is to allow every chemical company to start selling online and keep up with the big guys.
There are literally hundreds of producers in Europe and many are already trying to create their own digital platforms. We want to help make sure that you don’t get left behind.”

Impratech – your sales digital solution

There are no lengthy development times, no skyrocketing technology costs – just a proven platform backed by a team with decades of experience in the chemical sector. Impratech allows your customers to buy chemical commodities safely and securely from you direct through your own bespoke online platform.

We have also developed GoBuyChem – our unique online marketplace for B2B chemical buying and selling. Get in touch and we can demonstrate how to search online and ask multiple suppliers for real-time quotes fast.

Both solutions offer huge advances for the chemical industry, saving users both time and money. Connect your clients, sales, logistics and finance teams and start to unlock the potential of doing business online.

At Impratech, we give you every possible chance to improve your sales, embrace change and stay ahead of the competition. Find out more about us and ecommerce

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