Expectations post pandemic for chemical distributors

We’re all optimistic that everything is only going to get better after an incredibly tough year.

Vaccines are being rolled out, restrictions lifted and life is slowly starting to return to some semblance of normality.

But things have changed.

The COVID-19 effect has inevitably meant a shift in your customers’ expectations, your employees’ requirements are different, and the marketplace has changed too.

This past year or so has taught us the importance of being agile and adaptable.

Our usual routines, procedures and plans have all had to rapidly evolve as the pandemic took hold.

Our businesses are now emerging from the gloom – but the fact that we are still able to function and go about our lives is in no small part thanks to the technologies currently available to us.

If we’d been in this same predicament even a decade ago, then perhaps the outlook now wouldn’t look quite so rosy.

We are fortunate to live in an online, constantly connected world.

When our outside sales teams couldn’t see clients in person, video calls made all the difference. As remote working made it tougher to get hold of key contacts, we turned to email. When we couldn’t source goods and supplies using the usual channels, we were able to turn to the internet and online shopfronts instead.

Computers have helped us through this critical period and for many, it’s finally opened their eyes to the effectiveness and convenience of the technology already available to us.

The important thing now is to take note and ensure we don’t completely fall back to the old ways of working. Without technology and digitalisation, we’d have been lost.

Use this as an opportunity to take your business forward and truly embrace the digital age.


Join us on our #digitaljourney and help us transform the chemical industry for the better.

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