A lot has changed since the start of the year. There is no denying that our private and professional lives have changed significantly in recent months, and although there are some positive signs, we’re under no illusion that the effects of coronavirus will linger for some time to come.

Certainly, anyone who had previously doubted the importance of digitalisation has now seen first-hand just how much of a role the technology will play. This year has put the concept beyond doubt.

Digital is no longer the future; digital is now.

E-commerce platforms and online marketplaces are allowing us to operate as normally as possible – overcoming social distancing restrictions, and unlocking access to otherwise inaccessible customers and markets.

We have all had to adapt and show amazing agility since the start of the year, but as we come to reflect on the past, it is vital that we also look to the future. Here are six things you need to know:

1)      REMOTE WORKING WORKS. If the coronavirus pandemic has proved nothing else, it’s shown that we are more than capable of functioning and keeping our businesses operational even if we’re not in the workplace. Before this crisis took hold, the majority of employers were more than a little wary of allowing their staff to work from home. Whether it was down to trust, preference, or capability, many doubted it could be an efficient and effective way of working. COVID has proven that not only is it possible, but that many people actually prefer it and have been able to flourish.

2)      WE WON’T BE TRAVELLING ANYTIME SOON. Social distancing restrictions and concerns about commuting and air travel mean those face-to-face meetings we all used to rely on will most likely remain a distant memory for the foreseeable future. Instead, we now use video conferences, virtual meetings, and phone calls. Our dependence on technology has therefore grown exponentially these past few months, and importantly, our resistance to change has significantly eroded. In fact, we’ve all shown great agility and flexibility, and embraced change.

3)      THERE’S A GROWING RELIANCE ON DIGITAL. The current situation has seen us become far more reliant on e-commerce, online shopping, new tools and technologies than ever before. Anyone who doubted we were ready to make a move online and use these services in both our personal and professional lives is now very much a believer. If you’re not already adding this to your business strategy, you’d better think about it soon.

4)      THIS IS A TRANSITION PERIOD. It has certainly been a tough few months and we’ve had to adapt to a completely different way of working. Teams are now being encouraged to reunite and return to the office to get back some degree of normalcy. However, cautious companies, reluctant employees, and the risk of a second spike in infections means that getting back to the workplace may be slower, and a little more staggered, than expected. As a result, our use of online services certainly isn’t going to ease.

5)      THERE ARE CHALLENGING TIMES AHEAD. Business is facing a period of change. Offices, warehouses, and production facilities look hugely different to how they were a few months ago – thanks to staff rotas, social distancing, and exhaustive cleaning procedures. Many of us are now being forced to make decisions about how we continue to provide the same levels of service to our customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Measures need to be taken that allow us to save both time and money. 

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