FOMO has become the catalyst for chemical e-commerce

FOMO – or the fear of missing out – is helping drive change in the chemical sector.

We’ve all experienced this psychological phenomenon at one point or another, a feeling that others are having a better experience than you, or in some way benefiting from something that you’re not doing.

It’s a deep-seated insecurity that makes you feel like you’re, in some way, being held back or missing out while others are advancing.

If you haven’t already started making use of the available technology and software available to better your business, then rest assured that it won’t be too long before FOMO sets in.

Take it from us, if they haven’t already, your competitors are about to embark on their digital journey and will soon experience all the benefits that these new capabilities have to offer.

Remember maybe 20 years ago when having a website seemed an un-necessary luxury? Few people bothered going online to look up their vendors and suppliers back then, and there was certainly little appetite for information about products and services. Why bother when a phone call would suffice, eh? What need was there to see something onscreen when you could request a printed catalogue instead?

Haven’t times changed?

Having a website today isn’t an optional extra anymore, is it? It’s a vital part of a business, a time-saving tool, a 24/7 portal that instantly connects you to your customers. Who on earth doesn’t have a website nowadays?

Mark our words, the same will soon be said for e-commerce in the chemical sector.

Setting up your own customised online shopfront provides your customers and prospects with a convenient, easy to use point of access for your products. Prices can be adjusted, stocks managed and deliveries monitored in just a few mouse clicks.

There’s no need for in-depth programming knowledge to set everything up, simply let the software do all the hard work for you.

In no time, you can have your very own e-commerce site providing an entirely new sales channel.

Minimal cost, minimal fuss – but maximum potential.

Sure, you could stick with the status quo but it’s guaranteed that your competitors won’t. FOMO isn’t just about missing out, it’s about being left behind!


Join us on our #digitaljourney and help us transform the chemical industry for the better.

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