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Frequently Asked Questions

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Impratech is the brainchild of Dr Bharat Bhardwaj, an established chemical distributor with nearly 25 years of knowledge and experience in the sector. After extensive testing and development, Impratech has created a unique solution that unlocks all the potential of ecommerce and selling online. Within just a few weeks, your business can have a customised online shopfront, complete with personalised branding, colours and logo, to provide your customers with an easily-accessible and safe environment to buy your products. View Impratech video

We may be fairly new to the market but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a strong pedigree. Our team understands the unique requirements and challenges faced by the industry and has designed this customisable software solution to address the ever-changing needs of your business. We help our customers to broaden their market reach and help increase sales through their own safe and secure online sales portal. Watch video.
These are challenging times as the industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Now is the right time to embrace digital technologies. In fact, studies show that the majority of CEOs intend to invest more heavily in digitalisation and ecommerce platforms in the next five years. Don’t be left behind! We make it simple for you to give your customers the option of buying your products online within just a few mouse clicks. Even if you have limited technical knowledge, this solution can get you up and running with no hassle. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. Watch video.

Having the ability to sell online will help to extend your reach, broaden your customer base and enhance existing relationships. There is no need to change your conventional selling methods – the Impratech solution will simply boost your bottom line. Your customers can continue to deal with you using traditional methods but will now have the added benefit of being able to make purchases 24/7, wherever they are. Watch video./a>

Just give us a call. Remember, you don’t need to be a computer expert to start selling online. We have created a simple to use platform that incorporates all the essential tools and resources that you will require. We even tailor the software to match your company’s branding. You then add your products and prices… and start selling. We can make all the arrangements remotely via phone and email, and are always on hand if you have any questions. Watch video.
Impratech has been designed from the ground up. The platform will be branded with your company logo, colours and if necessary be linked to you ERP system. The ten million plus lines of code that goes to developing Impratech ensures that the platform will look clean and be easy to navigate by your customers. You customers should have an amazon like experience when ordering from your platform and of course if they have any questions they can readily contact the responsible sales person direct from the click of a button. Watch video.
Impratech is a tool that enable your sales staff to have a closer and more intimate relationship with your customers. You sales staff can post prices on line and change them even when on the move using their own iOS and android enabled App. You customers can place orders from their own customised app, view past orders download historical data such as invoices, specifications and certificate of analysis. They can also change delivery dates; view contract forward bookings and a lot more. If at any point your customers wants to call the sales representative then there is a direct call button on the each page of the app. Impratech has been developed to bring your customer closer to your company. Watch video.
We can offer Impratech as a cloud based or a in house server based product. You are totally in control of where your data sits. Impratech is totally GDPR compliant. Watch video.

Impratech team is always there to support you in case you need assistance. We offer both telephone support and online support.

Yes Impratech integrates with most ERP and CRM systems. Infact, Impratech integrates with all systems that expose an API (Application programming interface).

We are in discussion with several haulage companies to implement the track & trace feature.

Presently, all drivers (contractor & sub-contractors) are required to use the track & trace app to log the job.

  • Impratech is geared to all companies which are interested in improving their customer experience. While some larger suppliers have the resources to build their own platform from scratch, the process of researching, designing and A/B testing is very time consuming and costly.
  • Therefore, Impratech solves this by providing a ready to use platform which has been robustly tested and streamlined to improve customer satisfaction.
  • If necessary, Impratech all offer business the option of having a more bespoke solution with a very short implementation period.

Our platform allows you to set personal KPI’s by either integrating data from your ERP/CRM system or alternative the platform can be customised to monitor specification performance metrics.

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