Impratech Technical Overview

Built on the world's most reliable technologies


Impratech is compliant with GDPR requirements. It simplifies management of your customer personal details: update, delete, and report of personal data while ensuring secure and authorised access.

Deployment options

Impratech provides various deployment options and allows you to take control of your data.

  • On premise: Gain direct control of your data with an on-premise deployment.
  • Cloud: Deploy Impratech on the cloud and take the worry out of your technical team.


Impratech is designed to seamlessly integrate with various ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. This provides you with a webshop that is a perfect extension of your existing commercial processes.


Our software team takes your functional requirements and extends functionality of your instance of Impratech. Do not change the way you do business. Impratech is flexible and it is developed to align with your business processes.


Impratech provides a modern front end that is responsive and it adopts well on all screensizes - desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones

Mobile APP

Impratech is shipped with a native Android and iOS mobile app. This means your customers have access to your webshop while on the move.

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