Online connectivity is a vital link in the modern supply chain

Impratech was developed with a very clear vision… to smooth the chemical sector’s inevitable – and long overdue – transition towards digitalisation.

Our aim was to ensure distributors and manufacturers had a purpose built, easy-to-use, white label software platform as an alternative sales channel that met the very specific needs of their customers.

Countless studies and surveys list digitalisation and e-commerce as a top priority for businesses moving forward – and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the chemical industry is no different.

Producers, traders and distributors – no matter their size, sales revenues or specialties – now realise that harnessing the latest tools and technologies will allow them to unlock otherwise untapped opportunities.

Whenever product is needed, our unique sales solution can connect you with your customers in seconds.

Whatever the desired quantities, specifications or delivery windows, the functionality of our software allows you to meet their unique requirements – simply, quickly and effectively.

Prices can be found, compared and negotiated; orders can be processed, checked, and tracked.

Having an online shopfront means your customers won’t have to go elsewhere – even if the phone lines are busy, your sales manager is in a meeting, or offices are closed. E-commerce means you can meet their needs, on their terms, 24/7.

Impratech is dedicated to supporting you and your online sales.

Our free Power Platform is a customisable webstore with intuitive interface, seamless feature updates and the reassurance of technical support from our team of industry experts.

And with our ever-growing catalogue of premium modules – including live Track & Trace, seamless ERP integration, and extensive customisation options – you can help you to reach your full sales potential.


Join us on our #digitaljourney and help us transform the chemical industry for the better.

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