The chemical industry wants a premium digital experience too

impratech has a responsive design

The coverage of the CES 2020 electronics trade show in Las Vegas last month highlights just how big a role digital technology will play in our future (

The world’s biggest expo celebrating innovation and technology showcased thousands of new ideas and concepts that may well revolutionise our lives in the years to come.

At Impratech, we’ve recognised that we’re entering a new digital era in the chemical industry too.

There is unparalleled potential in our sector for ecommerce and selling products securely online. This isn’t some passing trend or overly ambitious vision, this is now our reality.

Just take a look at how many of the major players have invested heavily in digital this past year. And they’re not just looking at big data, analytics and AI either.

Purpose-built online shopfronts are providing the perfect platform to reach their customers. Always open, real-time pricing and stock updates, with a comprehensive history of orders and transactions, these not only enhance the buying experience but are a real support and benefit to existing sales teams.

At Impratech, we’ve tried to capture that sense of optimism and opportunity. We are innovators too, with our team of industry experts writing millions of lines of code to create our advanced software solution that puts that potential in your hands.

If you want to take those first tentative steps on that digital path, we can help. We’ve built our customisable ecommerce platform so you don’t have to. That means no expensive software teams, no lengthy development times – and ultimately, no hassle.

It’s now easier to keep up with the majors and stay ahead of your competitors.

By giving your customers more choice, more access, whenever they need and wherever they are, these are exciting times indeed.

To find out more, contact us.

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